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Of Colons and Cologne

A little colon humor passed on by a friend.  Enjoy… Advertisements

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Stoma Stories, Episode 17: I Told You So

As predicted, the new ostomy appliance we decided to try to assist with the healing of the newly formed hole in my skin near my stoma failed.  I’m not sure when it started it leaking, though I suspect it was … Continue reading

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J-Pouch Normal; Skin Around Stoma, Not So Much

The worst part about my exam under anesthesia today was having to get up before 5 to make it to the hospital by 6; the procedure itself went off without a hitch (though I do have a banging post-anesthesia headache). … Continue reading

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Stoma Stories, Episode 16: The Hole Truth (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

In an unwelcome development, after months of smooth sailing, an issue has developed on the skin surrounding my stoma.  More specifically, a hole has suddenly appeared.  About a week ago, I noticed some minor skin irritation and a slight divot … Continue reading

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Where Things Stand

On March 30, I had a clinic visit with my surgeon.  It was the first time I’ve seen her (or any doctor) this year, which is pretty amazing.  The purpose of the visit was to go over the results of the … Continue reading

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