My name is Ben.  I’m 33 years old.  I’m married, with two dogs.  I have had (?!?) ulcerative colitis. I’m having I just had my colon removed. Crazy, right? I started this blog to:

  1. Help me through my proctocolectomy, J-Pouch surgeries, and recovery;
  2. Keep my friends and family updated about my recovery; and
  3. Provide a resource to other UC sufferers considering this scary, but life-changing, surgery.

I hope folks find it half-as-helpful as I found the many other UC-related blogs I consulted obsessively while contemplating my surgery decision (many of which I link to in my blogroll).

If you have any questions I don’t answer, feel free to drop me a line.


One Response to About

  1. Doreen Payne says:

    My husband suffered from UC and I know exactly what anyone goes through with this body invasion of infections. He was at a point where no medications would work for him. The pain and suffering was unbearable, at times. The frustration, for any family member, is to watch your loved one suffer and there is no way you can help. My husband had the Pelvic Pouch procedure done at age 49. It has definitely brought relief. But it to brings it’s moments of discomfort because there are still infections of that pouch that plagues him from time to time but never as much pain as before the surgery.

    I just hope and pray that one day a cure is found. When my great nephew, Christopher, was diagnosed with this disease my heart ached because I knew just what it would bring to his young life. Proud of him for helped to fight others battles by participating in a fundraiser to bring awareness and hopefully, one day, a cure so others won’t have to endure what he’s had to endure.

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