Where Things Stand

On March 30, I had a clinic visit with my surgeon.  It was the first time I’ve seen her (or any doctor) this year, which is pretty amazing.  The purpose of the visit was to go over the results of the various tests/exams I’ve had since my last surgery and to discuss the possibility of trying the take-down surgery again.  In short, all of my tests/exams look completely normal.  Tt the same time, however, they haven’t shed any light on what caused all of the problems last time, so there remains some uncertainty about trying again, which my surgeon acknowledged makes her a little nervous.  I’ve always appreciated her honesty.

Things went very bad last time, and we’ve never been able to figure out why.  It’s frustrating.  And it’s scary.  For both of us.  I’ve been waffling on whether to try the take down surgery again for some time now.  In part, because life with an ileostomy is mostly manageable; in part, because I’m scared to death of having the same complications as last time and the thought of having another infection/emergency surgery is simply too much to bear.  Having an ileostomy is far from ideal, but it’s predictable and livable.  The devil I know…  If all goes well with the takedown, I’ll be as close to normal as someone without a colon can get.  But if all doesn’t go well

The good news is I don’t have to decide right now.  I can wait as long as I need, and my J-Pouch will be there be waiting.  In the meantime, I’m going in on Tuesday for an exam under anesthesia so my surgeon can take another look for anything of concern.  Assuming all checks out, I’ll have the green light for surgery if/when I want it.

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One Response to Where Things Stand

  1. John Casey says:

    Good luck Ben
    And Happy Easter to you and your family.

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