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Takedown Postponed

For reasons entirely unrelated to me or my ileostomy/J-Pouch. Advertisements

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Decisions, Decisions

It’s been awhile since my last real update.  Healthwise, I’m doing pretty well.  The stoma skin issues I was having have resolved (debriding agent and calcium alginate really works wonders), and I haven’t had any recent complications.  But life keeps … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I’m long overdue for a post (work has been crazy lately), so my first New Year’s resolution is to write one. Today. I promise.

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Bag Blowout

First time I’ve had an appliance failure at the office, and this one was doozy. Long story short, it wasn’t any fun, but I handled it and survived. Of greater concern are the two full-fledged bowel movements I had through … Continue reading

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Outta Here

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Miss my dogs.

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Thanks, Steve Following both of my surgeries, my hospital room looked like an Apple store—a MacBook, an iPhone, an iPad; my wife sitting at my side flinging some irritable birds on her own iPhone. The iPad, in particular, made my stays … Continue reading

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Low-Residue Diet

Chicken noodle soup, plain pasta, plainer chicken, carrots, and pears. Mmmmm. If only it came out as easy as it goes in. Definitely in for quite a bit of adjustment there…

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Clear Liquids

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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Today, I breathed. For the first time in months.  A little explanation: Back in my I-gotta-try-every–possible–solution-before-surgery phase, I was desperate for options. And answers. I was willing to try just about anything. It was in the midst of this search … Continue reading

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