Taking a Look

I’m in the pre-op room at UCSF. Again. The clinic exam yesterday proved inconclusive (i.e., nothing noticeably wrong), so my surgeon wanted to do an exam under anesthesia to get a good look and make sure everything is as it should be. Although it didn’t reveal much, yesterday’s exam seemed to loosen things up a bit, and I expelled a good amount of mucus last night, which relieved much of the pain I was experiencing. My fever also broke last night and has not returned (so far). In short, I feel much better today than I did last night. I hope my surgeon doesn’t think I’m crazy (or really like being knocked out and having a few people look up my butt). I definitely had a fever. I definitely had a lot of pain. I definitely felt like crap for a couple days. Even if it ends up being much ado about nothing, after what happened in October, better safe than sorry.

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