Stoma Stories, Episode 14: Two Steps Back

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed what appeared to be a small leak from under my appliance wafer. Not wanting to chance anything overnight, I ate a bunch of marshmallows and collected the necessary materials for an appliance change. Unfortunately, when I removed the wafer, it wasn’t a small leak at all. The skin surrounding the entire circumference of the stoma (essentially roughly ¾ the wafer) was covered in liquidy stool. Worse, there was fairly significant skin deterioration under and to the left of the stoma (areas which had looked perfectly health just two days before). Perhaps this is why my stoma had been hurting so much for a few days (something I just deal with and don’t even bother blogging about anymore). The wound on the right side didn’t look terrible, which is good, but everything else had pretty much gone to hell. Deflating.

Adding to my awesome weekend, my employer—which to date has been incredibly accommodating and generous—abruptly notified me on Wednesday that they are going to stop paying me on Monday. This despite the fact that, all along, I was led to believe my paid leave would continue (if need be) until December when long-term disability benefits would kick in. I’m hopeful they’ll change their mind, but if not, I will have no choice but to attempt to return to work on Monday, as I simply can’t afford a substantial wage loss. Worse, it may mean my final takedown surgery will have to be delayed until next Fall. Disappointing.

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2 Responses to Stoma Stories, Episode 14: Two Steps Back

  1. Gail Cropley says:

    I’m so sorry to hear it Ben. I don’t know how you’re going to get there from here, but I do know you’re going to get through this. Two steps back is always followed by one step forward, and then another and another and another. This too shall pass and there is a rainbow out there for you. Don’t give up; keep on keeping on. 🙂 And as always… you remain in my prayers.

  2. myucjourney says:

    I am so sorry for all these complications, I know it seems never ending…I know how you feel! I’ve been in the hospital with bowel obstructions for the past 2 weeks and my employer just contacted me about the same exact thing…I’ve got one week and then ill need disability. Be encouraged that there is an end in site for both of us.

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