Stoma Stories, Episode 9: Some Concerns (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Another smooth appliance change this morning. No signs of leakage. However, for the past couple days, I’ve been having pain on the right side of my stoma, where I had previously noted concern with the incision healing. Today, when I attempted to remove my old appliance, the pain was intense as my one non-dissolvable stitch had managed to attach to wafer. This explains the pain I had been feeling as I twisted or turned or laid on my side. Of greater concern, however, is the state of the horizontal incision on either side of the stoma. It’s not clear if the stitches separated (or dissolved too quickly), but it does not appear to be closing like it should. It’s essentially an open wound, and it hurts. My home nurse is scheduled to come on Tuesday and was planning to remove the stitch, but given the state of things, I emailed my surgeon’s office and anticipate that I may need to go in on Monday. The bad news is “it’s always something.” The good news is, having been through this before, setbacks and complications no longer scare the crap out of me. I just deal with them and work to find a solution.

For those interested in seeing what I’m talking about, I posted a photo after the jump. WARNING: It ain’t pretty.

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