Stoma Stories, Episode 8: No Issues

I did my first solo stoma appliance change today (with the help of my wife, of course). We used the same strategy as we perfected for my first stoma, and everything went according to plan. No issues. No signs of leakage. No problems. Period. 

The stoma itself does not sit up very high, but the opening for waste is definitely in a much better location, and everything seems to be working well. So that’s a good thing. The dissolving stitches connecting the stoma to the surrounding skin are ugly and make cleaning around the site a bit more difficult, but I don’t think there’s anything abnormal about them. Unfortunately, I’m not as thrilled with the healing of the incision where she cut through the old site and scar tissue (about 1cm to the right of the stoma). I’m not sure if there’s anything wrong, but it’s definitely healing slow and is still tender to the touch. Due to its location (under the wafer), I’m concerned healing will be difficult. But for now, I’ll just keep an eye on it.

I also spoke with my surgeon today and she OK’d removal of the single non-dissolvable stitch, so my home nurse will take that out next week. I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon on 11/18, by which time I should be substantially healed from the latest operation, and during which we will discuss the game plan for future testing, etc. as we move forward to another takedown attempt.

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