Flirting with Fever (or, Ugh)

I’ve been running a fever since about 1pm today. It’s bounced around between the mid-99s to low-101s, depending on the thermometer I use or particular time of day. I haven’t had a temperature since the day after my surgery, and this one seemed to coincide with a significant slowing of my ileostomy output, increased J-Pouch pressure, and mild lightheadedness, so I called the on-call surgeon (who, after last week, knows me as if I were her own). She called back almost immediately and determined that I was likely experiencing the beginnings of a partial intestinal blockage and mild dehydration. She put me on a clear liquid diet until the fever comes down and the ileostomy starts moving again.

Following her advice, my ileostomy now has decent output and I’m no longer lightheaded, but I can’t seem to crack the fever. It keeps bouncing around, never dropping below 99.5, and never getting above 101.5. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it tonight, and if it ever hits 101.5, I’ll be on the phone with, or on my way to, the hospital. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Pass the Gatorade, please.

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