Deja Vu All Over Again

Although I’m definitely happy to be home, I’m less enthused about my current pain level. Perhaps unsurprisingly, much like after my first surgery in June, my lower back is killing me and my J-Pouch is cramping uncomfortably as it apparently tries to pass mucus (with little success). These two side effects were far and away the worst part of my initial recovery, and I’m hopeful they will not be as bad or as stubborn this time around. The silver lining is that they’re not entirely unexpected, so I’m not all that worried about them and can instead focus on making them better (e.g., soma and lidocaine patches at night for the back pain; heating pad throughout the day for the J-Pouch).

Of course, I also have significant residual pain from my actual incisions (which I believe is intensified somewhat by the fact that my bowels are not yet working at full-speed (due in part to the pain meds, I’m sure), which backs things up and causes pressure), but I know that pain will pass in time. In the meantime, I just need to take it easy, focus on my recovery, and things will continue to improve. My home nurse will be coming tomorrow to take a look at my stoma (it’s different than my first one, so we may need to employ a slightly modified game plan for keeping it in good working order). And, barring any unforeseen complications beforehand, I will see my surgeon in 2-3 weeks to discuss our next steps for sleuthing out the problem and getting on track for a second crack at the takedown. But, first things first, time to clear out the DVR and get in front of this pain.

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