“Triple Contrast CT Scan”

If you’re ever asked if you’d like a “triple contrast CT Scan”, I’d recommend politely declining. It is not a pleasant experience. The oral contrast tastes absolutely—almost impossibly—bad. I’m still halfway nauseous three hours later. The IV contrast burns going in and gives you an overall uncomfortable warm sensation throughout your body. And he rectal contrast is, well, rectal contrast. (Though in the case of a J-Poucher/ostomate, it’s particularly unpleasant because the J-Pouch has virtually no capacity, and the contrast shoots through and fills up the ileostomy appliance. Fast.). Now do all three of these types of contrast simultaneously, and you can’t come out of the radiology department feeling violated.

But I survived, and the preliminary reading (by radiology and a couple residents) looks good. A few more folks—namely, the colorectal surgery department and the chief resident—need to look at it, but so far, so good.

Assuming it checks out, they will likely remove my JP Drain later today (ugh) and then transition me to oral antibiotics (which I’m a little anxious for, as my newest IV is not particularly comfortable and I DO NOT want to have to start another one). We will then change my ileostomy appliance (they removed the rod this morning). And then they’ll send me home. Most likely tomorrow.

(For the Bay Area folks, in case you are curious, the minor earthquake this afternoon was definitely felt, but did not cause even a hiccup in hospital operations).

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2 Responses to “Triple Contrast CT Scan”

  1. Paul Miller says:

    My wife works is radiology, she was present when they gave me the lower abdominal with the rectal contrast, although she didn’t perform the exam. I was having this raging flare in my rectum. “Just try to relax…”
    I feel for you and the IV’s. Glad I found you here, well here at this blog, not here in this situation. I’ll be looking forward to hearing positive news!

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