Maybe Friday

That’s the latest estimate for my discharge. Today is my own “moving day“, as I try to heal myself so all my tests check out tomorrow. If that happens, I’ll go home Friday. If not, who knows. So where do things stand, and what’s the agenda:

I scaled back the pain meds, which—unsurprisingly—led to increase in my abdominal pain. But it also led to an increase in my ileostomy output, which is good. The pain was not unbearable, and I was able to get a pretty good night’s sleep. The doctors are most concerned about the persistent, and often “electric”, pain on my left side. The current theory is that the JP Drain is laying under the surface and brushing up against nerves, which is causing the discomfort. But they don’t want to remove the JP Drain until after my tests tomorrow and they’re sure they’re not going to need it (or the site) for some reason. Have I mentioned that I am absolutely dreading the removal of the JP Drain? Ugh.

Because my ileostomy output is back to normal, they transitioned me to oral prednisone, meaning that the only thing I am getting via IV is my antibiotic, which will continue through tomorrow, at which time I’ll probably go one a one-week regimen of oral antibiotics (if my tests don’t check out, I’ll stay on the IV).

Tomorrow morning they will pull some more bloodwork (last time it looked great), and I will have at least one CT Scan. They will start with a standard contrast CT Scan to see what things look like in my J-Pouch and abdominal cavity. If all goes well, they will see none of the things that prompted them to operate last week. If anything looks off or inconclusive, they will likely order a second CD with rectal contrast for another look. Assuming everything looks OK, they will remove my JP Drain in the hopes that doing so will relieve the lingering pain issues on that side of my body. At some point tomorrow, they will also remove the rod from under my ileostomy loop.

They’ll monitor me the rest of the day, and assuming my pain improves following removal of the JP Drain, and there are no further complications, they will likely send me home on Friday. Which will make this my longest hospital stay to date. And to think I thought the most they would do is hook me up to some IV fluids and monitor me overnight. Pretty glad I called and came in when I did.

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