On Track (updated)

Yesterday was largely uneventful, which is a good thing when you’re in the hospital. As I mentioned yesterday morning, my pain had improved somewhat. The improvement stalled out a bit, but persisted, before spiking again in the evening. Nonetheless, I’m definitely on the right track pain-wise. They’re transitioning me to oral meds, and I should be off the drip by the end of the day (though I’ll retain the IV in case I need a one-off dilaudid dose). (As an aside, they started a new IV today (they change the, every 3-4 days) without incident, which was a blessing given how mangled my arms are from the multiple attempts on Thursday.) I was able to sleep in 2-hour bursts last night (which is much, much nicer than the 10-15 minute segments from the previous nights. I suppose it’s some combo of less pain and adjusting to the spiked steroid dose. Not to mention being really tired.

They also moved me to a full liquid diet yesterday afternoon with no complications, and I will be moving to a low-residue diet this afternoon. I’ve also agreed to have them remove my catheter because (a) it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable, (b) the longer you have it, the greater the risk of complication when you remove it, and (c) my pain is manageable enough that I can handle the necessary trips to the bathroom. Finally, my ileostomy is working properly, though my abdomen is still pretty swollen, so I haven’t been able to get a very good look at it or how it’s sitting above my skin. Not sure when they will remove the rod — maybe Wednesday?

I’m also guessing that — barring any further complications — I’ll be released on Wednesday (though tomorrow isn’t out of the question). I’m definitely in no hurry, and they’re not rushing me. Given the problems I’ve had, I think everyone is (rightly) fine with taking things slow. Plus I finally have the corner suite of the floor (private shower, say what?), so I’m pretty comfy. One day at a time, as they say. Although I definitely would rather be healthy at home, as far as middle-of-the-night emergency surgeries go, this one has gone pretty smoothly so far. But then again, so did my first two…

My surgeon typically visits on weekdays (or if she’s on call on a weekend), so I will likely see her today and will post again if there’s anything to add to the discussion. (For those just joining the party, we know three things (and three things only): (1) there was air inside my bowel cavity where it didn’t belong, (2) we don’t know how it got there, and (3) we really want/need to figure it out and will be doing everything possible to do so. Every question one could possibly ask about my current condition can be answered by one these three known facts.)

UPDATE: My surgeon stopped by, but there’s not much to report. She’s still frustrated to not be able to figure it out and said she’s only had one patient (out of dozens) who has experienced anything close (and that patient ultimately had the takedown). She’s happy I’m on the mend, the fever is gone, etc. We’ll leave things be for a couple weeks before starting a battery of new tests and exams to pinpoint a solution. The only other news is she thinks they can take out my JP Drain, but given how bad it hurts now and how bad it hurt when they removed it last time (when the drain itself didn’t hurt), I’m not sure I’m ready for that. At least not without a lotof meds. And even then, I’m not sure.

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