Another Day

I was just thinking of that one time I had a 5-hour emergency intestinal surgery in the middle of the freaking night. That was f**king crazy.

Post-Op Day 3 or 4 (depending on how you count) and my progress may be slowing a bit — at least with respect to the pain. As I noted earlier, the day started well coming off my best night of sleep, and the morning was uneventful. My pain was manageable, and I was getting good output from the ileostomy. They detached my IV, removed my catheter (still not much fun, but quick) and started me on a low-residue diet with lunch. I ordered way too much food, but didn’t eat it all and ate a good pace, chewing well. But soon after lunch, my abdominal pain worsened, and my ileostomy slowed down a bit. And the Norco wasn’t cutting it for pain. We increased the frequency, but it still wasn’t enough. My abdominal and incisional pain was getting worse.

In addition, I began feeling some pressure or cramping below my incision. I remember this pain from last time, and I think it likely means there’s some liquid or mucus in my J-Pouch (my surgeon agreed), but I’ve been unable to pass it. In addition (and perhaps relatedly), when I urinate, I get a fairly intense downward squeezing pressure beneath my incision as I finish. I’ve never felt it before. We added in oxycodone, with little positive effect and are now going to try to upping its dosage, as well. Hopefully, it will be enough.

Nonetheless, there are rumblings among the nurses that I will be discharged tomorrow. I don’t see it and will be pushing back against it. I’m in no hurry given my recent experiences, and there’s still a lot to do: remove the rod under my ileostomy loop; remove the JP Drain (which scares the bejesus out of me); transition to oral steroids and antibiotics; find the right balance of pain meds; make sure the ileostomy is moving food well (I’m not convinced); etc. A lot.

I still say Wednesday, at the earliest.

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