Ben asked me to update as he doesn’t have the energy to do so himself. There isn’t much new to report. The surgery went “fine” for what it was. The illeostomy is of course a disappointment after just having the takedown, but this wasn’t the worst case scenario and we are thankful for that.

Ben is resting/sleeping, which is good given the hour of his surgery and the pain he is experiencing.

The dog posters (yes plural-i’ll post a pic when I learn how) are up on the wall and I’m clutching my large Peet’s for dear life. So, we are coping the best we can for now. Tonight I’ll break out my glitteryist nail polish and we’ll be good to go.

Hopefully we’ll have more/better information after seeing the Surgeon today.

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One Response to Recovering

  1. John Casey says:

    Mrs Ben
    Thank you for letting us know how Ben is doing.
    Hope things go well for him

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