Waiting on Results

My fever has come down a bit. They drew some blood for testing. And after three nurses and five painful sticks, they finally got an IV started, allowing me to go in for a contrast CT Scan. Unfortunately, they didn’t fully lock the IV apparatus, so when they tried to inject the contrast, it and blood went spraying everywhere, nearly blowing out the IV completely. Thankfully, they were able to salvage the IV and complete the CT. And now I’m finally able to get some IV fluids (they won’t let me eat or drink). Now we’re just waiting on results and they’re keeping me at least overnight for observation. At this point, we have no real clue what the issue is, but hopefully the tests will reveal something. Until then, I just hope my fever continues to stay below 102 and that they’re able to make me comfortable enough to get some sleep. We’ll see…

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