Surgery Tonight

CT confirmed some leaking (but not at the bottom of the J Pouch where I had trouble over the summer. The goal now is to locate the leak/possible perforation and fix it. They’re going to try laparoscopic, but are concerned there may be too much scar tissue from my previous surgeries, so they may end up having to open me up.

Best case, they spot the problem, fix it, and close me back up. Worst case, they can’t find the problem and they have to leave my abdomen open to allow drainage. Middle ground, they’re unsure of the problem, but create a new diverting loop ileostomy to protect the J Pouch and allow healing. It’s all pretty overwhelming right now. No one wants “emergency surgery to address a life-threatening situation,” which is how they’ve described it, but it needs to be addressed or I risk much more serious issues (the least of which could be loss of the J Pouch forever). I’ll be going in as soon as the OR is ready. Wish me luck.

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