Slow and, well, just slow.

I’ve been out of the hospital a week, it’s been 12 days since my takedown surgery, and my recovery is painfully slow. Or should I say painful and slow. The bottom line (I never get tired of that pun) is that, so far, it sucks. The Imodium helps slow things down and has allowed me to sleep better, but it offers only fleeting relief from my painful and uncomfortable symptoms: severe cramping and pressure in and on my J-Pouch, frequent bowel movements (still >20/day), and skin irritation around my anus. I wish I could say I was seeing much progress in these areas, but I don’t think I am. I feel pretty much the same today as I did a week ago (with the exception that the Imodium has cut the number of bathroom visits a bit, but none of the associated discomfort).

I had my staples removed on Thursday, and the wound is healing great, which is good. My nurse also comforted me that everyone’s recovery is different and nothing I’m experiencing is out of the norm or symptomatic of any problems. Recovery just takes time. And I’m really trying to be patient. But when the most comfortable position is standing up, pacing around the house (because sitting or lying down seems to trigger or exacerbate the J-Pouch cramping/pressure), it’s nearly impossible not to get frustrated. Another day, another day of discomfort. C’est la vie. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better (other J-Pouchers have noted marked improvement in weeks 3-4, so I’m ever hopeful).

Pity party end.

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