Sleep, at last.

I slept for the first time last night since leaving the hospital 5 days ago. After four tortuous nights of little to no sleep and dozens of trips to the bathroom, in consultation with my doctors, I took two Imodium tablets about 30 minutes before bed. We had hoped to avoid Imodium this early in my recovery, because it is preferable for the body to learn to regulate itself without medicinal help. But I needed to sleep. The Imodium worked well, slowing my system down, and allowing me to sleep for several hours at a time. I was still up 4 or 5 times, which is too much, but the bathroom trips were short and relatively painless, and I was able to get back to sleep right away. For comparison, the other nights went like this:

  1. Lay down in bed;
  2. Get immediate gas pressure/pain in J-Pouch;
  3. Focus and try to relax to alleviate the pain;
  4. Some gas is able to pass, but the pain inevitably grows worse—e.g., as if a large marble covered in broken glass was being pushed out of your butt;
  5. Focus and try to relax to alleviate the pain;
  6. Give up and run to the bathroom, passing small amounts of stool;
  7. Lay down in bed (trying various positions);
  8. Repeat Steps 2-6 almost instantly.

It was pretty terrible. And although I don’t want to be on Imodium forever, if it allows me some rest, I’ll take it for now.

I’m visiting my surgeon’s office today to have my staples removed and discuss our strategy going forward. It’s been a difficult transition—much more difficult than I had anticipated/hoped—but it’s also only been 9 days since surgery, and I have faith it will get better in time.

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