We’re making some changes today. Yesterday ended up being a 25+ pit stop day, including 10+ over night, which killed any chance of sleep. I spoke with my surgeon’s office this morning and, although none of this is extremely unusual or indicative of any problems, it’s obviously unpleasant and not very conducive to a restful recovery. Although I’d been adhering strictly to a low-residue diet, eating small meals, and introducing new foods one at a time, it’s still been a bit much for my body during these days. For the next 48 hours (or more), I’ll be on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast). I’m also going to keep using metamucil to help firm things up (though at a reduced dose). And I’m adding a Gatorade-based rehydration recipe to the mix, as I’m losing/not absorbing a lot of water and salt. The hope is that this all will help slow things down a bit, without the need for Imodium or Lomotil. I’m not opposed to drugs to address problematic symptoms, but I’d much prefer a natural (and therefore sustainable) solution, if possible. The final change is that I need to transition off of toilet paper to a water rinse, because even the softest toilet paper in the world (which after years of UC, I have) feels like sandpaper when you’re going 20-30 times a day. Perhaps I’ll invest in a fancy bidet toilet seat…

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  1. so have you seen Cruel Intentions yet?

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