Takedown Surgery: Day 3 Post-Op

Not much to report. I slept pretty well again last night. The residents have been impressed with all of my walking around the unit. My wound continues to heal, though the pain around it seems to have increased somewhat during the last 24 hours (which I’m told is not unusual). They are advancing me to a “full liquid” diet today, which means heartier broth, yogurt, and pudding. Tomorrow should bring solid food and possibly a discharge. UPDATE: Unless my surgeon objects, the chief resident is advancing me to a “low-residue” diet today, which means real food (but no fiber). They are also transitioning me to oral steroids and pain medication (instead of IV). If all goes well, I presume they’ll want to discharge me tomorrow. We’ll see.

Although my bowels are definitely awake, I have not yet really begun to pass much in the way of solid waste (presumably because I’m not eating much in the way of solid food). I’m a bit nervous about this transition, as—based on what I’ve read and heard from others—this is where the issues most frequently arise. Although the takedown surgery is generally less intensive than the first, the recovery can be equally difficult as the body learns to use its new parts. In particular, training the J-Pouch to retain waste (to decrease frequency and improve consistency) can be a challenge, and the first few weeks/months can be uncomfortable as a result. I’ll know soon enough as they advance my diet today, but for now I’m just pleased that everything seems to be working right and my recovery appears to be on track.

Oh yeah, and the nurses tell me I have “great urine”. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

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