Long Night

It was a long night, with very little sleep. Fairly significant pain from my former stoma site, a hot and stuffy room, recurring (and painful) hiccups, frequent interruptions by nurses to check my vitals, administer hydrocortisone or heparin, or draw blood, and a general morphine daze, all conspired to keep me awake. I have a feeling there will be lots of sleeping during the day today.

But, other than being tired, I’m doing fairly well. The surgery ended up taking about 90 minutes (instead of an hour), because I had developed some scar tissue around the stoma, which she had to clear out. The incisions around my former stoma site (where she cut to release the loop of my small intestine back into my abdomen) are pretty painful, but I am otherwise more alert and “well” than I was after my first surgery. As a bonus, my surgeon chose to staple the stoma wound shut rather than leave it open, which means that—barring any complications—I shouldn’t have to deal with packing/unpacking it.

My catheter should come out today and I will hopefully begin a clear liquid diet. (All I’ve had to eat/drink since Monday night is a small, wet sponge on a stick that I can swab along my gums and tongue.) Mmmm small, wet sponge. I’ve passed a little gas, which is a good thing and means the plumbing is working. The real test—and what I’m most nervous about—will be in when I start having bowel movements again… But, one step at a time. Literally. My primary mission today is to walk as much as possible, which will promote healing and help wake up my bowels.

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