A Heaping of Uncertainty

Ben–  Call me asap.  Back line is XXX-XXXX.

If I had a list of emails I do not want to receive from a doctor, this would almost certainly be near the top. Just when I thought everything was on track for surgery tomorrow, I receive this little missive. Although my surgeon has been in the OR all day and has not yet reviewed the films, the attending and chief resident took a look and said things “looked a little funny” such that they could not be 100% confident there was not a leak in my J-Pouch. Awesome.

So now I’m heading back in first thing tomorrow for a(nother) CT Scan with contrast (I haven’t even had a chance to write about today’s pouchogram aka dynamic x-ray with gastrograffin enema). From there I’ll head to pre-op, where I’ll wait to find out if the surgery is actually going to happen. Crazy.

As if I wasn’t nervous enough about surgery, let’s just throw on a whole heaping of uncertainty for good measure. So I may or may not be having my takedown surgery. I’ll let you know.

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