Still Recovering

September has been a pretty good month. My pain is mostly gone. My complications resolved. I finally figured out my ileostomy. I haven’t had any fevers. I can eat almost anything (with the exception of raw vegetables) Things are back to normal at work, writing briefs and zealously advocating on behalf of misunderstood clients and generally changing the world. But today is a reminder that—nearly three months after the fact—I’m still not fully recovered from my first surgery. This is not entirely surprising given the nature of the surgery, but it’s easy to forget when things are going swimmingly. And in a cruel irony, it’s when things are going swimmingly that you tend to overdo it, which inevitably leads to the reminder that you are not-yet-normal.

Last weekend, it was a trip to Lake Tahoe and lots of hiking, which was awesome but definitely taxed my body. Yesterday, it was a trip to San Francisco with a friend to see the Dieter Rams exhibit at SFMOMA, followed by a really fun evening out with some more friends. It’s nice to do “normal” things and not feel sick or be in pain or worry about this bag hanging off the side of my stomach. And I had fun. But this morning I woke up to a super-sore back and other miscellaneous aches, and I was forced to take Norco during the day for the first time in quite awhile (excluding last weekend’s post-8-mile-hike recovery).

My body could not have been more clear: Nice try, Ben, but you are not yet back-t0-normal. But I’m definitely getting there. Just in time to start again.

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One Response to Still Recovering

  1. Kari Coppinger says:

    Ups and some downs but more ups it sounds like. Thinking of you in your continued recovery and next steps.

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