Green Light Means Go

I had a clinic visit with my surgeon yesterday to check the status of my J-Pouch following the leak setback last month. Long story short, she stuck a finger up my butt and felt around for divots and other signs of potential issues. This isn’t the first doctor’s finger I’ve had in my butt, but this is the first time I’ve experienced it with a room full of people. In addition to my surgeon, we had the nurse practitioner, a visiting med student, and my lovely wife (who has seen a lot through this process, but never that). The exam lasted about 5 minutes, but let’s just say she was very thorough. The good news is all “felt” well, and she cleared me to get a pouch-o-gram/enema in about a week (the earliest available appointment). If that checks out, I’ll be ready for my takedown surgery. Not trying to jinx anything, but I left the office smiling…

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