A Fleeting Fever

The see-saw continues. Friday afternoon, the aches and pains and markedly increased mucus output I’d been experiencing since Wednesday night culminated in a low-grade fever (100.5). Fortunately, it broke overnight, and everything was pretty much back to “normal” by Saturday night (i.e., I did not feel great, but I did not feel terrible, and my mucus output was 2-4 times a day, not 10-15).  Doc says stay the course, and that’s what I’ll do, but it would be really nice to do so sans-fever and other complications.

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One Response to A Fleeting Fever

  1. John Casy says:

    Hi Ben
    I was thinking of you today. I was wondering how you were doing.
    Just a matter of time till your post will say how great your doing.
    I hope its real soon.
    Good luck

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