By far the most frustrating aspect of my post-surgery recovery has been the inconsistency and unpredictability. One day I’m relatively fine and things are looking up, the next day I feel like crap. And so it is this week.  The first half of the week went pretty well, and I genuinely felt like I was on the mend. By yesterday afternoon, however, I was unable to sit at my desk at work and had to go home ear;u. I was achy, with chills, but thankfully did not have a fever. The mucus spigot had been turned on full blast from my J-Pouch, and with it the cramps and associated discomfort. It was unpleasant. It was frustrating. It was weird. The abrupt change was unsettling; one minute I felt pretty good, the next I felt like it was 6 weeks ago. What accounts for such wild swings?

Unfortunately, today is not much better. Aches and cramps and general malaise. I feel like crap, and several coworkers have commented “you don’t look well” (which is always what you want to hear at work). Unfortunately, I have a couple appointments for which I need to be in the office this afternoon, but as soon as they’re done, I’ll be heading home early again. To rest. And recover. Again. Seems like something’s got to give soon. Doesn’t it?

Unrelated (and gross) anecdote: Yesterday, one of my dogs, Kima, came downstairs and kissed my wife, and my wife commented that she smelled bad. It’s not unusual for Kima’s face to smell bad as sometimes yeast, etc. builds up in the wrinkles of her cute little smushed face, so we didn’t think much of it. At least not until I went upstairs to change clothes and discovered that Kima had dug through the trash to find my used bag from my last appliance change, which was in a sealed Ziploc, and had dragged it all over office. Lovely. It all cleaned up, and my wife amazingly didn’t vomit, but it definitely confirmed that dogs—even sweet, loving ones like Kima—are truly disgusting beasts. When do I lose the ileostomy?  Ah yes, Late September (crosses fingers) . . . .

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