Late September

That’s the timeframe my surgeon tells me is “realistic” to try for my takedown surgery. Of course, a lot can happen between now and then and everything is contingent on my pouch passing the battery of pre-surgery tests and scans, but at least we have a date to shoot for. When things are tough, it’s much easier on the mind to know they’re temporary and will be better by X date. Even if the date ultimately changes. In the meantime, I just keep plugging along, dealing with inconveniences and issues associated with my recovery as they arise.

Unfortunately, Tuesday’s staple removal has not proven to be a miracle cure for the various pains I’ve been dealing with. At least not yet. In addition, I’ve yet to string a few good days together and seem to be treading water—not getting notably better, but not getting any worse. Yesterday, I felt pretty good and worked a full day at the office. Today, I felt like crap and worked from home. The inconsistency is frustrating to say the least. The optimistic side of me (it’s small and black, but it does exist) likes to believe I’m trending in the right direction, but it’s really tough to know, and a bad day is a bad day, regardless.

On a positive note, the painful skin irritation around my stoma definitely seems to be improving (slowly). Not to the point where there is no pain or discomfort, but undoubtedly better than it was a few weeks ago. I think the trick has been allowing the stoma (and surrounding skin) to “breathe” for 10-20 minutes during an appliance change and drying everything with a hair dryer prior to installing the new appliance. Moisture, as much as acidic stool, is your enemy.

Late September…

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