Tomorrow, my surgeon will be conducting an examination under anesthesia (EUA) of my J-Pouch. She will be examining the J-Pouch’s healing progress in general and the leak we identified, in particular. If she thinks it’s necessary, she may stitch or staple the pouch to assist with healing. Regardless, after the EUA, we should hopefully have a better idea of where things stand and when I might be able to have my takedown surgery. The EUA will last less than an hour, but they still want you at the hospital 2+ hours early, so it will be a very early morning ride to UCSF. At least we’ll miss traffic.

Things have been up and down since Friday. I’ve been experiencing weird cramping on my side and lower abdomen, as well as on the left side of my buttocks. The back pain also persists and has grown worse at night and is reminiscent of the pain I experienced fresh out of the hospital, though perhaps not quite as intense. I’m also still experiencing irritation and discomfort around my stoma, though when we changed my appliance yesterday, it looked a bit better.

Today, I had my first full-fledged sneeze (until now, I’ve always successfully muffled or held them in). It was not fun. I immediately felt fairly intense pain in my lower abdomen from the pressure of the sneeze. It passed after 10 seconds or so, but was enough to cause me to hunch over in my office. It’s definitely on the list of things to discuss with my surgeon tomorrow. I’m no doctor, but I remain convinced that much, if not all, of the cramping/pressure/back pain I feel is a direct result of the leak in my pouch. I am also unconvinced that the Cipro/Flagyl regimen (which is now complete) fully addressed the problem. I have not had any fevers recently, but am concerned that there may still be a secondary infection of some sort. Time will tell, I suppose.

In the meantime, I hope tomorrow yields some good news, or at least some answers.

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