Happy Anniversary

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary. If it hasn’t been apparent from my posts so far, I COULD NOT do this without my wife. This is way more than she (or anyone) signed up for, and she’s been with me, patient, and 100% supportive all the way. I’m super lucky.

To celebrate, we went to see Harry Potter 7B. My back was still hurting pretty good, but we needed to do something fun, so I decided I would just suck it up. This was the first movie I’ve seen since surgery and was pretty nervous about the ~4 hours away from the house. It went fine. There were no leaks. No crises. No one even knew. At my wife’s suggestion, I brought a sweatshirt with me that I could put on my lap, allowing me to pull the bag out from my pants if it became full of output or air (or was just uncomfortable). This was a great idea and made the experience much easier. Before the lights came up, I simply stowed the bag away and no one knew a thing.

About half way through the movie, I started a feeling some stinging around the stoma and—ever paranoid—I left to check it out. There was no exterior leak or other catastrophe, but I went ahead and emptied the bag so I wouldn’t have to worry about it filling up before the end of the movie. All in all, notwithstanding my frustrating back pain, it all went off without a hitch. I’m still not entirely comfortable being out and about with my bag, and I’m still paranoid about something going wrong, but it’s getting easier each time I venture out. Now if only my aches and pains would go away so I could go out more frequently…

Unfortunately, the stinging around the stoma persisted during the second half of the movie and when we got home, so we decided to change my apparatus again. Sure enough, output had seeped underneath the full circumference of the wafer again. Not much, but enough to aggravate the skin. This time we used some stoma paste (which we haven’t used for a while) and some barrier film (in addition to the stoma powder and barrier spray). If this doesn’t do the trick, I’m out of ideas. By our seventh anniversary, all of this will be but a distant memory.

And now pizza at home to cap off a pretty good day.


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