Back to the OR

I just heard back from my surgeon regarding our strategy for my J-Pouch leak. She wants to take a look in the OR at the end of the month to assess the healing progress and determine whether it requires stitches to promote healing, some “cleaning up,” or nothing at all but time. It will be a short, outpatient procedure under sedation and local anesthesia to keep me comfortable. I expect it will be much like a colonoscopy where you’re semi-awake, but don’t really remember or feel anything.

I’m totally good with this strategy and was going to suggest it at our next clinic appointment. I am simply not comfortable with the idea of just sitting idly by hoping it heals like it should. I don’t want to waste time not knowing whether the leak requires intervention. I want to KNOW it’s healing like it’s supposed to, and, if not, I want to KNOW we’re doing everything we can to promote healing and minimize the delay of my takedown surgery. I WILL NOT be one of those patients with a small pouch leak who end up waiting an extra 6 or 12 months (or more) for their takedown, if it can be avoided with active monitoring, intervention, and treatment.

We now have a plan. I like that.

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