Same As It Ever Was

It’s been about 48 hours since I started my course of antibiotics to resolve an infectio—n caused by a leak in my J-Pouch (allowing the leak to heal). My fever’s gone. But the new and difficult-to-describe internal pressure/pain is unchanged. As is my back pain (which we believe is related). One apparent difference is that I have not released any mucus from the J-Pouch since Monday night, which is unusual. I’ve had less mucus output from my J-Pouch since Monday night (though it seems to be increasing again). It’s premature to declare correlation (rather than coincidence), but it’s definitely possible that my constant mucus production was related to (or exacerbated by) the infection. I’ve always thought that the amount of mucus I passed and the related discomfort was unusual (and markedly different from the various accounts I’ve read of other folks with a J-Pouch). I’d say the lack of mucus and accompanying pressure/pain was a good thing, if it hadn’t been replaced with the new pressure/pain across my abdomen…

This new internal pressure is weird and uncomfortable. It feels as though there are pockets of air/gas at various spots throughout my abdomen. At times, they manifest in pain at the surface, which is sensitive to the touch. At other times, it’s entirely internal. Standing up—especially after laying down for a while—seems to make it worse; when I stand, it’s as if a weight drops inside my abdomen causing downward pressure, which results in pressure in and around my J-Pouch and anus and makes it feel like I have to go to the bathroom. But when I try, nothing. The only thing that seems to relieve this pressure is time (or maybe laying down for an extended period). It’s odd and frustrating.

It’s only been two days of 14-day course, so I’m optimistic that more time will resolve this new complication too. Other than that, I’m waiting to hear back from my surgeon about our game plan for our follow-up appointment in a few weeks—will she be examining the pouch? How? Do we need another CT Scan? A pouchogram? I want to make sure the leak appears to be healing, as expected. I’m all for being patient (and, if you knew me, you’d know I’ve been a remarkably patient patient), but if it looks like this thing is not going to heal on its own in a timely manner, I definitely want back on the table to have it fixed, as I am definitely not interested in keeping the ileostomy any longer than necessary. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s also not the envy of it.

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