You can’t say I didn’t try.

I made it back to the office this morning, rocking suspenders (belts don’t work very well with my ostomy appliance). Just as I was settling in, my surgeon’s office emailed saying they want me to come in today for another CT Scan of the Pouch and abdomen, as well as some blood/urine tests, in order to rule out that my recurring fever and resurgent back pain is anything serious or surgical. Here’s hoping it’s not. So it was a brief return to work, though still nice to feel like a “real” person again and to see some friends I haven’t seen for 5 weeks. I called my law firm’s HR Director and was basically told to do whatever my doctor recommends and take as much time as I need and the firm will figure it out. I know I’ve said it before, but not having to worry about my job or income during this ordeal has really been a G-d-send, and I’m very grateful for it. More to come when I have the test results…

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