Another Day, Another Fever

My fever returned again last night. Same exact scenario. It came on suddenly in the early evening with aches and chills (though my temp did not get as high) and then broke 5-6 hours later. Bizarre. I’m not really sure what to make of it, but if it returns again tonight, I think I’ll see a doctor to check it out. There’s no sign of an infection around the stoma, so any infection would have to be internal. It’s not uncommon for J-Pouch patients to develop an abscess caused by fluid leakage from the pouch. But given that my recent CT showed no signs of significant leakage (if any) and my back pain has shown signs of improvement, this seems unlikely. The only thing that gives me a bit of pause is that I’ve experienced increased cramping and mucus output the last couple days. But that has always come and gone, so I’m trying not reading too much into it. We’ll just have to wait and see what this fever does.

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