No Rhyme or Reason

After a couple days of feeling pretty good—not great, but a notable improvement—and after a night of almost no back pain, I was hopeful I was finally over the hump. Apparently not. In a reversal of the typical pattern, my back has been killing me ever since I got out of bed. I can’t figure it out. Typically, my pain lessens as I am up and about (at least until mid-afternoon when I seem to hit a wall). But today it felt good when I woke up and has progressively gotten worse.  Perhaps I overdid it yesterday with a series of errands during the day and a couple hours in the evening toasting a good friend goodbye. Who knows?

The Soma, ibuprofen, Norco, and anti-inflammatory topical agent haven’t taken the edge off. I’ve asked my primary care physician for some topical lidocaine to see if that helps.Regardless, I’m planning to go back to work next week. It remains to be seen how I will do sitting in a chair and what sort of accommodations or work-from-home schedules I may require, but it is definitely time to start lawyering again. At least for a month until my takedown surgery. And, thank G-d that’s only a month away…

I’m due to change my appliance this evening and am hopeful my skin irritation will show continued improvement. I’ll post again if there’s anything notable to post.

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