The (Slow) Road of Recovery

My (final?) home nurse visit yesterday went well. Changing the appliance revealed that there had been absolutely no leakage under the wafer, which is great. The skin looked about the same as on Friday—i.e., the surface skin was improved, but the skin immediately adjacent to the stoma (and the “groove” surrounding it) remained extremely inflamed. At least we appear to be on the right track, and things are no longer getting worse. Unfortunately, my back pain persists, and I’m resigned that it may just be something I have to deal with it until it works itself out.

My takedown surgery is scheduled (August 30), and—barring any new developments—I’m hoping to return to work (at least part-time) next week. Although my return will last only a few weeks before my next surgery, I think it will be good to be off the couch and back in the swing of things. My firm has been extremely supportive and generous throughout this process, so it’s the least I can do to try to make them a little money before I have to go on leave again.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, my dogs are finally coming home. I still don’t think I’ll be able to walk them on my own (for fear that a sudden, powerful jerk will be more than I can handle), but it will definitely be nice to have them home.

Bodie & Kima

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3 Responses to The (Slow) Road of Recovery

  1. John says:

    Hi Ben
    I’m glad to hear your doing better. Good luck Auguest 30th.
    I bet your dogs miss you !

  2. M says:

    I had part 1 J-Pouch surgery on July 13th, and my only complaint is the incredible back pain. I woke up from surgery and it was hurting like crazy…I am taking ibuprofin and tylenol each day. It has been 2 weeks, and I still have back pain. I’m soooo ready for it to go away. Takedown is scheduled for Sept. 8th, but I don’t feel like I’m back on my feet yet. Wonder if I should postpone it til I am feeling better! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ben says:

      Yeah, the back pain’s a killer. My doc prescribed soma to help the muscle’s relax and it seems to be helping. But I’m now almost 5 weeks out from surgery. For me, weeks 4 and 5 saw notable improvement and feeling “back on my feet.” I hope the same for you. It’s a major surgery, so it takes time. But I’m so anxious to be done with the ileostomy that I can’t imagine postponing the takedown unless it’s medically necessary. Happy you found the blog and hope you have a speedy recovery!

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