Stats: Four Weeks Post-Op

  • Weight: Gained a couple pounds.
  • Pain:
    • Occasional burning pain around my stoma, though at last examination the skin irritation appears to be improving;
    • Mucous release from my J-Pouch continues to be an annoyance—especially at bedtime—but the intense cramping is gone;
    • Lower back pain persists, but seems to be improving;
    • Still some lingering sensitivity around my large incision on my abdomen (through which they removed the colon), but nothing too bad.
  • Medication
    • Prednisone: 10mg AM, 2.5mg PM
    • Norco (pain): 1-2 pills, every 4-6 hours as needed (I’m averaging 3 pills/day—1 during the day, 2 at bedtime)
    • Soma (muscle relaxant for back pain): 1 pill, three times a day
    • Topical Anti-Inflammatory Gel (for back pain): Twice a day
    • Omeprazole: 1/day
    • No other UC meds!
  • Ileostomy bag: Emptying it 5-6 times a day; no leaks; pretty good output/consistency, though my output seems to have increased and is more liquid than before; I’m trying to isolate how particular foods affect output (e.g., gas and consistency) in preparation for J-Pouch, where such attributes will be of particular concern; emptying the bag is no big deal; changing it remains uncomfortable and emotionally draining, but my most recent appliance change went swimmingly.
  • Wounds: Pretty much healed.
  • Walks: A lot
  • TV: Yep, still watching it. Torchwood: Miracle Day is good; as is Breaking Bad. My current guilty pleasure: Suits.
  • Reading: See prior post, as I haven’t made much progress this week.
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