Nothing to Report

I haven’t posted for a couple days and wanted to assure my followers (err, follower) that all is well. I just don’t have anything to report. My back pain lingers, but may be showing signs of marginal improvement (the power of positive thinking). And the soma definitely ensure a good night’s sleep. I’m a bit concerned that the skin irritation around my stoma has either worsened or ceased improving as the discomfort has increased in the past couple days. My home nurse is coming tomorrow and we will be changing my appliance then, so I’ll be able to see the progress (or lack thereof) then.

Notwithstanding these ongoing difficulties, I had my most productive weekend since surgery. I decided I was going to do some stuff—pain be damned—and I did it. During the two days: I went shopping and bought some new pants to prepare for my return to work (which I’m hoping will be next week); I went to Costco; I ate at a restaurant; I went grocery shopping; I went to Lowe’s too look at interior shutters for our house. All went well, though my upper limit seems to be about 3 hours—both for my stamina/tolerance for discomfort, and my bag capacity. I have yet to empty my bag away from the house, but will be assembling a “travel kit” this week, with the required materials for both emptying and changing the bag, which I can bring with me to work.

The most amazing part of my excursions is that I did not even have to think about a bathroom. Gone are the days where I immediately scope out the bathroom location in every store I visit. No more emergency pitstops. No more constant worry. Above all, this change is more liberating than words can express and makes all of the difficulties I’ve faced with this surgery (and will face down the line) worth it. 100%, absolutely, without-a-doubt worth it.

That said, I’m still not entirely comfortable being out and about with the bag, especially as it fills up with waste or gas, and it remains a constant source of concern (What if it leaks? Can you smell anything? Can you see the bulge under my clothes?). But it’s getting easier, and I know I just have to suck it up and deal with it. If something happens, it won’t be the end of the world; I’ll just handle it and move on.

Lastly, I’m hoping to pin down a firm date for my second surgery today. Barring unforeseen complications, it should be the last week of August.

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