Front and Back

We changed my ostomy appliance tonight before dinner and after eating some marshmallows to minimize activity. To my very pleasant surprise, the stubborn skin irritation looked somewhat improved and their was no real signs of leakage. Progress. We cleaned me up, shaved the surrounding skin, applied barrier spray and stoma powder, and applied a new appliance. Like pros. With no crying (the first bag change sans tears in a while). More progress. Hopefully we got an equally good fit and seal, and I’ll continue to heal. That would be awesome. Should know in a day or two if we’re still on the right track or derailed.

I saw my primary care doctor today. Based on his examination of me, the x-rays, and the locus of my pain, he thinks it’s either spasming as a result of strain from compensating for my weakened stomach (my theory), or is the result of a severe sprain (or possibly even a slight rib fracture) due to surgical positioning during my six hours on the table. Either way, it should heal if given the opportunity to do so. To help give it the opportunity, he prescribed some muscle relaxants and topical anti-inflammatory gel. If it doesn’t improve within a week, we’ll try lidocaine cream (or patch). Progress? I’m just glad we’re trying something new.

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