Update: Still Inconclusive

My surgeon reviewed the CT Pouch-o-Gram and didn’t have much to add. She confirmed that there appears to be a slight “radiologic, but not clinical” leak (meaning a small amount of contrast dye appears to have escaped the pouch, but nothing she believes would cause my back pain, or which reflects a defect in the pouch requiring correction). There was no sign of fluid collection or an abscess or anything more serious. She expects that if you CT’d everyone a couple weeks after J-Pouch surgery, you’d see similar results and it’s not cause for concern. Any small leak (if there is one) will likely correct itself as it heals, and, in any event, prior to my J-Pouch surgery, they’ll do a more fulsome scan and evaluation of pouch integrity. So the bottom line is the CT did not show anything that would account for my back pain, and everyone seems to think it’s related to positioning (e.g., overcompensating for the bag, or pain associated with the bag, or other pain), and all I can do is try new sleeping positions (e.g., a body pillow), take some pain killers, and be patient.

So we’re pretty much back to (or still at) square one for both my pack pain and stoma skin irritation. Awesome. I’m still doing my very best to stay positive and optimistic, but my body hurts, and I’m tired.

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