Stats: Two Weeks Post-Op

  • Weight: I’ve lost ~15 pounds from my pre-surgery weight, about half of which is the colon itself.
  • Pain: Significant burning pain around my stoma; cramping/pressure pains around my J-Pouch; significant lower back pain at night (3-4 hours after sleeping); still some lingering pain around my large incision on my abdomen (through which they removed the colon), but nothing too bad.
  • Prednisone: 10mg AM, 7.5mg PM
  • Norco: 1-2 pills, every 4-6 hours as needed (I’m averaging 1 pill every 6-8 hours, more overnight and in the evenings)
  • No other meds!
  • Ileostomy bag: Emptying it 3-4 times a day; good output/consistency; no leaks or other issues; other than pain caused from the separation of some of stitches, it’s (surprisingly) not that big of a deal on a day-to-day basis (though I don’t like changing it)
  • JP Drain: Gone
  • Walks: At least three a day (3-4 laps around my townhouse complex)
  • TV: Thank G-d for Netflix streaming and the return of several summer series (True Blood, Warehouse 13, and—soon—Breaking Bad).
  • Reading: Still not enough
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