Stats: Post-Op Day 6

  • Pain: Same
  • Prednisone: 10mg, twice a day
  • Norco: 1-2 pills, every 4-6 hours as needed (I’m averaging 1 pill every 4-5 hours, more in the evenings)
  • Ileostomy bag: Emptying it 3-4 times a day
  • JP Drain: ~150ml/day (needs to drop to <70ml before they’ll take it out)
  • Walks: At least three (3-4 laps around my townhouse complex)
  • TV: DVR nearly empty
  • Reading: Not enough, but I think this will change as the pain meds decrease
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3 Responses to Stats: Post-Op Day 6

  1. Sally says:

    To deal with the last point, I suggest “True Blood.” Also, the Twilight series (the books not the movies, which are terrible). ; )

  2. Jim Hanlon says:

    Good luck with the continuing recovery, Ben. I was unaware of your health challenges until reading the blog today. I really respect what you’re doing here and how you’ve tackled the surgery and recovery. Hope to see you on your feet and out of the house soon.

    Jim Hanlon

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