Today was a good day all around. Expanded diet. Reduced pain meds. No IV. Full shower. They keep telling me that I will be going home tomorrow, but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. There are still a few hurdles. I need to continue to do well on the low-residue diet (today I had pasta and chicken noodle soup and carrots and some turkey and a little rice krispie treat). My catheter needs to come out without incident. Because I’m still experiencing pressure in my lower bowel/J-Pouch, they’re going to insert a tube to drain it, so that also needs to go well. If all that happens, I get to go home, and everyone seems confident it all will. (Though it may be with a drain sticking out of my side, as I’m still losing more fluid than they want before removing it).

My surgeon came by to see me again and will be on rounds tomorrow. It’s tough to explain, but it’s always really nice when she comes by. She now has played a pretty incredible part in my life story. I’ve had to trust her completely during this difficult process (and I trust very few people completely). Pretty amazing for someone I didn’t know 2 months ago. So when she stops by, it’s a bit like having your childhood hero or a celebrity just waltz into the room. It may sound silly, but it’s special.

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One Response to Progress

  1. Ben, I totally get that about your surgeon. I was just reflecting yesterday on how I totally worship mine. They’re like real-life superheroes.
    So glad to hear everything is going well. Be sure to shoot any questions you might have my way…I am now one week out from my takedown!

    All the Best,

    Katie Boccard

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